About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

Travel!  I love it.  I dream about it. I am already thinking about the next trip near the end of a previous trip.  Travel is what makes my heart jump for joy.  The thought of throwing my bags in the trunk of my car, rolling down Interstate 95 to The Savannah Airport, and checking in for a flight gives me the serious willies.  

I am Yola and I LOVE TO TRAVEL.  This page and blog derived from numerous people encouraging me to start a travel blog.  A recent trip to New York City's Times Square for New Years Eve prompted a few people to inbox me for tips on surviving that adventure (stay tuned for my first blog entry to learn about my experience).  As a result, I decided to develop a space where I can share information, exchange ideas, and talk about what I love to do more than anything else (aside from spending time with my grandkids).  

My passion for travel started at a young age.  While growing up in Muskegon Heights, Michigan my favorite uncle would take me to the lookout point at The Muskegon Airport to watch the airplanes take off and land.  The sound of roaring jet engines made me happy and excited.  I could stay there for hours, if left to my own devices. I wondered where the people were going or coming from or what far off place would they be traveling to.  I wished many times (heck...every time) that I could go too. 

My love for travel transformed into a desire to become an airline pilot, specifically a Boeing 747 pilot (to this day the B-747 is my favorite airplane to watch, stare at, and fly in).  That dream never matriculated for various reasons but my love for flying and travel never waned. 

This page is about me and my travel shenanigans!